Bose Ultra Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Black

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To the music lovers with a playlist for every mood and moment, meet your new obsession. Bose reinvented earbuds with OpenAudio technology that combines complete openness to your surroundings with rich, private sound only you can hear. Get your run on, flirt with a stranger, go all day and pause for nothing. Compromise? A word you don’t believe in. And with Bose Immersive Audio, the earbuds don’t just feel good and look good, they bring you closer to your music. Bose Immersive Audio spatializes music so you’re not only listening to the music. You’re in it. Are you ready to change the way you listen? Designed for all-day wear you’ll put these earbuds on and never want to take them off. The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds feature a flexible joint and a light-as-air-grip — you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. With up to 7.5 hours of play time (up to 4.5 hours with Immersive Audio) or up to 48 hours of standby, you’re equipped with the power of long-lasting battery life. Plus, the included charging case provides up to an extra 19.5 hours of play time, making it perfect for on-the-go charging. Simple, satisfying button controls make it super easy to manage your music and switch between stereo and immersive modes. Plus, Auto Volume works like magic to keep your music audible even as the volume of your surroundings change. Just turn it on in the Bose app and move from place to place without needing to adjust a thing. And with an IPX4 environmental rating for water resistance, the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds can handle getting splashed on, dripped on, and sprayed on. Acoustic mesh keeps out moisture and debris, so you can keep on listening. Indulge in TV time without bothering anyone. Thanks to Bose SimpleSync technology, you can pair your earbuds with Bose soundbars and speakers for a personal TV listening experience with independent volume control. Now available in Black or White Smoke.


  • Bose Ultra Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case offer OpenAudio technology
  • Rich, private sound only you can hear
  • Comfortable, all-day wear
  • Light-as-air-grip that won’t slip
  • Flexible joint for stability and comfort
  • Up to 7.5 hours of play time (up to 4.5 hours with Immersive Audio)* or up to 48 hours of standby.***
  • Charging case provides up to 19.5 additional hours of power.**
  • Breakthrough Bose Immersive Audio
  • Simple, satisfying button controls
  • Auto Volume in the Bose App keeps music audible even as the volume of surroundings change
  • IPX4 environmental rating for water resistance
  • Seamlessly connect your Bose Ultra Open Earbuds to Bose soundbars and speakers
  • Snapdragon Sound Certification for Android
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 up to 30 feet
  • Available in Black or White Smoke
  • The Bose Music app gives you access to adjust EQ settings, manage Bluetooth connections, check battery life, customize a shortcut, and more
  • Note: Up to 7.5 hours of play time-Testing conducted by Bose with audio playback at a loudness of 75 dBA. Battery life varies based on settings and usage
  • Note: Up to 19.5 hours of power -Testing conducted by Bose by inserting battery-depleted earbuds into a fully charged case, charging to 100% (or until the case battery was depleted), playing audio at a loudness of 75 dBA until earbud battery depletion, and repeating until case battery depletion
  • Note: Up to 48 hours of standby-Testing conducted by Bose by removing fully charged earbuds from the case, connecting to a phone with no content playing, and maintaining connection until earbud battery depletion

Additional information

Actual Color

Black, White Smoke

Cord Length

12 in

Power Type



Splash Resistant, Sweat Resistant, Water-Resistant



Headphone Feature


Battery Life

7.5 hour(s)

Accessories Included

Charging case, USB-C (A to C) cable (12")

Microphone Included


Wireless Technology




Headphone Style


Maximum Transmission Range

30 ft

Headphone Type


Manufacturer Part Number








10 reviews for Bose Ultra Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Black

  1. Erics Ireland

    A win for Bose.If I had to give someone a quick, down and dirty written review of these headphones, I think this would be it. I have been looking for earbuds like these for a while. I have a small ear canal, so using earbuds that fit into my ear Canals comfortably is hard for me.
    The Bose stay inside my ears regardless of what I’m doing, and the fit is very comfortable for long periods of wear, they are very comfortable.
    These do not have noise-canceling but excellent sound quality.
    If you’re getting them so you can hear the environment’s true outside sounds due to the open design, they are perfect at blending the two, outside sounds and inside sounds. I guess the volume at which you listen to media also determines how much of the outside you hear, but don’t get dismayed no matter how loud the music is you will still hear extremely loud and important things such as car horns sirens etc. If that is the kind of environment that you use your earbuds, you won’t be disappointed, these are perfect.
    I have used a lot of headphones and earbuds that have accompanied software, and I have to say that these have some of the best software that I have used. The companion Bose headphone app has all the useful feature like and EQ and more.
    It also has some features that I haven’t seen before, like tap touch control. This feature comes in handy when you’re wearing a beanie or hat that covers your ears.
    The Charging case snaps closed, and the ear buds snap into the case through magnets and clips, and they are super secure in my opinion, just in case you drop them. The battery life is great on them also I use them for the past couple of days for long periods of time, and I was not able to completely drain them in a single listen.
    The Sound quality is fantastic for open design headphones.
    All in all, these are my new favorite everyday driver headphones. This review pertains to the points that are import to me. I purchased them at the launch price and I think they are worth it. Get these if they are similar to what you prefer if they get a little cheaper, or they go on sale, it’s a no-brainer.

  2. Ka0979231

    Great sound comfort and battery in one productI got these in the past month and they are hands down the earbuds I have used so far. The sound quality is superior to other earbuds in my opinion. I definitely won’t be using any other in the future. They are also super comfortable and have great battery life.

  3. Joe

    ComfortThese headphones have two major wins going for them. If you need a pair where you can still interact with the outside world, and need something that has all-day comfort – these will fit the bill very nicely. If you’re looking for something to block out noise on an airplane, then these won’t do that, but what they do, they do well. First is the comfort. I can wear the traditional stick in your ear, sound isolating earbuds for a couple hours, then I start to get a light ache in the ear, which makes sense. The sound isolating headphones try and block that outside noise by cramming themselves in your ear, putting pressure on it. These simply don’t. It’s a little speaker sitting right next to your ear. Second is the interaction with the outside world. You can still hear people and converse with them in a very natural way. I know some other headphones have a feature where you can enable the mic’s to broadcast what’s going on to your headphones, but this is a different experience, more natural. Finally, physical buttons. I love it. A lot of small headphones have touch sensitive buttons and maybe you slide right, maybe you pressed it a couple times, maybe it registered. Due to the design, these support physical buttons, with tactile feedback, so you know what you pressed and what you didn’t. It’s good to have a real button. If you need sound isolation – these aren’t the headphones for you. If you don’t, for example in an office environment, then these perform great and could meet your need. I’d recommend them for people looking for something small, comfortable, and not needing isolation from the outside world.

  4. MLiaw

    Great ProductI own Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds and have been using them when commuting or exercising. They are comfortable but after a long while, my ears would feel a bit sore. Don’t get me wrong, I still think these Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds are great noise cancellation earbuds.
    Then came Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. These open earbuds are very comfortable in my ears. I was worried they would not be secure inside my ear and would fall off when I am running, but surprisingly they fit securely and very comfortably in my ears. The quality of the sound is great as well.
    Next upgrade – noise cancellation open earbuds. But I don’t mind the current one does not have noise cancellation functionality because I usually turn off the noise cancellation functionality when commuting or walking so I am aware of my surrounding.

  5. Drgucci

    Exceptional performanceThis purchase was worth the price. They are very easy on and easy off. The sound quality is exceptional. They are far better than the last open ear buds bose put on the market. I have them also.

  6. Anonymous

    Great Product!I really love these earbuds and here is why. When I first opened them up and downloaded the app they automatically started the process to download and sync which I though was nice as I am not the greatest at navigating that kinda stuff. When I put them on my ears I was initially hesitant because of the way they fit however, they are very secure. I shook my head and bounced up and down and swayed back and forth and they DID NOT MOVE! I absolutely loved that. Secondly I am a middle aged female and am subject to lose stuff easily so this is definitely a plus for me. They are also so light you don’t even know you have them on. I actually wear them all day! These are the perfect situational earbuds. They allow me to enjoy fantastic sound, and you are able to hear sounds around you like cars, babies etc. I have had several of the Bose brands over the years and they live up to the quality provided by the Bose brand. One thing I will say though I did have an issue where when using the phone someone said that I was not coming through clearly and it seemed that the volume was very low but I did find that I was wearing them too high up on my ears so I now wear them closer toward my earrings which centers them closer to my ear drum and can now hear better. I would also like to state that Bose company is constantly doing product upgrades to improve the functionality of the earbuds. Overall I love this product and I highly recommend it to others.

  7. Quentanimo

    Earbuds that embody positivity 😇I don’t know what to say but that they changed the way I listen to music day to day!

    Pros: 1.light and virtually unnoticable on ear! Unless you have large tunnels in your ears.
    2.Very good sound in the mids and highs (subjective)
    3.Honestly…. they look sexy
    4.changed the way I talk to people, I feel people don’t visualize me as this anti social person at work and the gym that they can approach, it takes away the visuals that they experience when someone is pulling a person out of thier music experience that almost makes you look irritated even if you arent and thats amazing! It’s a good middle ground for an all day music listener that is safer and healthier for them if they can handle the negatives… on to the cons.

    1. bass is lacking as a result of the design, if you listen to deathcore, slam, deathmetal(you get the point) don’t expect them to replace your isolated earbuds for those heavy breakdowns.
    2. A little finicky to get right in your ear but the tutorial is very good at giving you an example to get it right.
    3.Immersion mode wasn’t for me, it lowers the volume it seems and actually lowered the quality of my music imo but the feature works as describes and is interesting in dead quiet environments.
    4. That brings me to the last thing, they are quiets. Extreme metal and dubstep homies stay clear :/ sorry. I would argue that getting completely immersed is not the purpose however.

  8. PurpleAce

    Good quality ear bud[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I like these because they sit on you eat and not inside your ear canal like most ear buds. Personally I’ve never been a fan of earbuds and prefer headphones. These sit on your ear like jewelry ear cuffs and feel so much better. The sound is great but they don’t work well as a headset to talk on with your phone. Plus no one wants to clean a pair of ear buds that are shoved in someone’s ear.

  9. MomofTwinTeens

    Great Product…Hubby Approved[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Bose Earbuds are an awesome product. My husband is a truck driver and needed a dependable earbud. Well Bose earbuds did the trick. He loves how the earbuds comfortably sits in his ear. It did seem like at times I would get a lot of feedback, especially outside the truck. But for the most part the earbuds provide high quality calls. His voice comes through very clearly. When he set it up with his phone, it paired seamlessly. Very easy to setup! I would not hesitate to purchase this product.

  10. Anonymous

    Problem with the volume, it was working before.Bad product

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